For Publishers

Can I delete my sermons?

Yes. Sermon files that you upload to your dashboard can be deleted.

To delete a sermon, ensure that it has been unpublished.

Note that deleted sermons will no longer be available on the app.

Can I update my series with sermons?

Yes. You will need to unpublish the series before any edits can be made to it.

Republish the series for review after edits have been made.

What happens after I publish a sermon?

All your published sermons go through a review process before they are approved. You are notified by email when this review process ends.

What is a series?

A series is a collection of the multiple parts of a sermon.

What is a display name?

A ‘Display name’ is the name you want to be identified by on Audio Rhema. Example, if your full name is “Richard John Dalton”, your display name could be “R.J. Dalton”.

Can I edit a published sermon?

No. To make any new edits to a sermon, you’ll need to unpublish it first.